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The Redemption of
Daya Keane

Release: May 2024

The end of Daya Keane’s junior year in Escondido, Arizona is anything but expected. And it all starts when her long-time, swoon-worthy crush, Beckett Wild, actually talks to her at a party neither of them should have been at.


But as Daya’s best friends Stella and B’Rad are quick to point out, smart, cute, artistic Beckett is also the poster girl for the wildly popular youth group at Grace Redeemer, the mega church Daya’s mom prays at and pushes her daughter to attend.


Amid the concert-worthy light shows, high-energy live band, and pastor preaching to love thy neighbor so long as thy neighbor “gets right with God” first, Daya struggles to find her place in a house of worship that doesn’t seem to create space for someone like her. Then again, she never planned to fall this hard for a girl like Beckett Wild.


Now Daya has to decide how far she’s willing to surrender to Beckett’s world of Grace Redeemer, and who she’s willing to become to be with her.

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Releasing 2026

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